Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a safe and super fun Halloween! I actually had the evening off, so I was so stoked about handing out candy to the kids in the neighborhood. Last year I was working, and that was the first year I was in the house, so I didn't want to expect.

Yeah, not ONE trick or treater. Not a single one!

So I have some candy here, if you want some... A friend of mine and my roommate enjoyed some, though. :-)

Charlotte got dressed up to entertain the (nonexistent) kids, and may have held a little grudge after the fact. I don't think she was really having much fun...


After I gave up on the kids, and finished some homework, I worked on quilting for a little while.


I definitely didn't get anywhere close to finishing this for the Blogger's Quilt Festival, but that's ok. I'd rather take my time and enjoy the process than feel stressed and rushed to meet a self-imposed deadline. I've got enough stress from working full time and going to grad school to want any from quilting, which is supposed to be my happy place. So in the interest of keeping it my happy place, I'm not pushing myself too hard on this one. :-)


  1. awww! that's so sad! We get about 50 or so and they are just so much fun!

    Good for you to take your time and get it done. If you rush, you'll likely be unahappy with the results and it is about the quilt, not the festival. :)

  2. what are you going to do with Starshine?

    1. I finished quilting the other day, and now I'm working on hand-finishing the binding :-) I love how it's turning out!

  3. You definitely need to enjoy the process and not stress.