Wednesday, April 9, 2014


A while ago I was planning on making some cloth napkins - I use cloth napkins exclusively at home and the ones I have are the plain cheap ones from Target and Ikea. At about the same time, Anne Marie posted on Instagram that she was looking for some pattern testers for a new napkin pattern. Good timing, huh??

So here is what I came up with. She released the pattern Monday, and it is on sale all week!

I used scraps for the piecing, and Kona Silver for the gray. All of the backing fabrics are different confetti dots colors. Since I used scraps, I didn't prewash these, but that would be best since they will get a lot of use! I think I might make four more to round out the set!



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday

So here's a little roundup of what's been in my queue lately...

My wall of future pillows... I've quilted that middle one already so I'll post on that soon... (also my #honestcraftroom lol)


A fun secret project for a bloggy friend... This is actually finished already, but I can't post about it until she says so!

And this super fun pull that I'm really stoked about. I pulled some of my Very Precious stash for this one! I'm going to cut into these tonight. :-)

What have y'all been up to?