Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How House Hunting Really Happens.... Finding the One, and getting it!

So after losing the first house, and not being able to make an offer on the second, it was time for me to catch a break. I decided that since I couldn't bring myself to make an offer on #3, that meant it wasn't the house for me. That left house #2, which I loved. We decided to go look at a few more, just to make sure that the one that I liked so much was really the right one. The ones we saw the next weekend confirmed the fact that #3 was a great pick. It is a great house, in a great location, in great shape. So an offer was made!!

The offer went back and forth a little bit, and was accepted less than 2 days after the offer was made. I bought a house! Exciting!

The inspection was the next weekend, and the verdict there was that the house was in impeccable shape. A little age, but nothing that threatened the integrity of the structure. I requested a few things to be taken care of by the seller, and they agreed to take care of everything!

On to the formal loan application (I was already pre-approved), the appraisal, and waiting what seems like forever for closing! The whole process was much more involved than I realized, but with my realtor and mortgage agent working so hard for me, it has been pretty much smooth sailing (so far!!).

Now I'm just days from closing, and I can't believe that it's here already! And I still have so much to do!

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