Friday, June 28, 2013

You may have noticed that I've been MIA.... Not really.... But yeah.


I'm not complaining. (Even though there is no Internet here, hence my disappearing act)

Wile I'm doing a little handwork, reading a LOT, and trying not to get sunburnt, you guys should hop over to Bloglovin and follow me! Since google reader is going away and the world is coming to an end and all...

Follow on Bloglovin

So hit me up, follow muh bloggyblog here, and check out some of the stuff I've been up to.

In return, I'll leave you with a little taste of what I've been working on down here...

Jumped right on some vacation sewing late last night thanks to a quick last minute trip to @quiltrva yesterday to grab some @paperpiecesepp ☺


  1. Look at all those hexies! Seems like a good week to me! Enjoy it!

  2. That last picture of the threads and hexies... I WANT. Totally jealous of the beach scene. *pout*