Saturday, November 12, 2011

This chick bought a house!

I bought a house! After seeing between 30-40 houses, losing out on three, and seeing some really nasty gut jobs, I finally found a house. I've gone through the inspection and everything already, and now I'm just waiting for closing.... in less than a month! I've got big plans for my first REAL place, and I'm going to chronicle the trials and tribulations of a single girl owning a home, right here. So you can experience all of the suffering and celebrating with me!

I'm really excited about being able to decorate the house and making it my own. I've never felt like I've really settled into a place before, because I always felt it was temporary. I'm excited about making a home, being able to do whatever I want to my place, and developing my own aesthetic. I like to try to do things myself, so a lot of my journey will be trial and error... and ineptitude will be evident, I'm sure...

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