Saturday, February 2, 2013

Coming along!

My xplus blocks are done! Except not really... I finished the ones I had cut out already and then decided that I wanted to do one more row, to make it fit my bed a little better. This thing is turning out to be a beast! So I did 9 more blocks yesterday and started cutting out the extras. A couple more days and the top will be done!

Empty plates = finished blocks!

Just keep cutting, just keep cutting...

Happy scraps!

Some of the finished blocks - in the daylight for once! This is not the final layout, I've just been throwing them up there as I've finished them. It's turning out more orange than I'd like, so the new blocks I'm doing are going to be lighter, and I'll mix them around in there.


  1. Megan, you are insanely good at this - I love it!

  2. Gorgeous quilt top!

    And i have to tell you, I clicked on your link solely because of your blog name. That is hilarious, I love it. :)

  3. These colors are so pretty together. So Springy!