Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunshine Daydream

I finished my xplusalong quilt top! I even basted it! I try to baste as soon as I finish a new top because I HATE pressing and don't want to fold it up and put it away just to have to press it again later to baste it. Now it's on my pile of things waiting to be quilted!

See all these pretty open seams? I don't like them as much as I did a few days ago... I hate pressing... Except when it's cold in the studio. Then I love it - I like to put my hands on the hot ironing board :-)

I only had to move one piece of furniture to baste this thing. Score.

Yes, I stood on the arm of my sofa to take this picture. This thing turned out much more orange-y than I wanted. Oh well, it's like sunshine. Hence the name, Sunshine Daydream. It's a line from a Grateful Dead song.

Oh, look, I like open pressed seams again. So flat and pretty...


  1. Good luck with the is a beautiful quilt

  2. I love that top! And I love the name. I know that song; now it's stuck in my head. Thanks! ;)

  3. So pretty! Very smart idea to baste it right away and not waste those nicely pressed seams.

  4. Its beautiful and cant wait to see it quilted!
    I read your previous posts too, I like the idea of using paper plates to sort the fabric, brilliant!