Friday, April 19, 2013

Last one, I promise

For a while, at least ;-)

Something really hilarious happened with this one, though. I didn't trim the zipper before I sewed around the edges. Which means I sewed the zipper into one of the boxed corner seams.

(sorry for the middle-of-the-night iphone photos...)

And I inadvertently made a little handle. Oops.

Honestly, if it had been anywhere close to centered, I would have left it.

It was not.

But I fixed it! Like the last ones I made, I used fusible fleece instead of the 911 interfacing, which made it a little too thick, especially for this size. Live and learn.

It's still cute.

All three of my little lovelies!

You can see the size differences here the best.


  1. very cute!! and I have a lot of 'oops' when I'm sewing, especially if I'm drinking a glass of wine. lol sometimes I don't notice my 'oops' until morning when I can tell at the exact moment I took my second sip of my white wine. lol have a great weekend.

  2. They are so cute! I really want to make some of these but I'm not sure my zipper skills will make the cut :(

  3. Visiting from Finish It Up Friday at crazy mom quilts.

    Those are great finishes!

  4. Love your big mouth bags. I've made several,such fun. Here from Crazy Mom Quilts

  5. You need to try the half zipper humbug bag! Even more addictive!

  6. these are really cute. I must get over my fear of zips and make some.

    1. You can do it! They are SO easy! Since I've done these I've also made a purse for the first time ever (which I'll share later this week). These little things are so gratifying. You need to try it!

  7. these are so cute. Sorry about the oops.