Monday, April 29, 2013

Trial and Error

So. Some info on the summer bag.

I got the fabric from Joann's, the white and solid pink are duck cloth, and the ikat chevron type print is decorator-weight fabric.

I put the panels together first, basting the pocket fabric on. This is where my first mistake was, because I first cut the fabric not thinking about the direction of the print, so I had to piece some more duck cloth on the back of one of these pocket panels to make up for it. Oopsie.

I got to use the super-cool basting stitch on Bridget. It's so nice having a multi-talented machine! ;-)

I put the interior pockets onto one of the lining panels, using some stash fabric. I made the pockets too big at first, but instead of re-cutting and sewing again, I just made a really big hem on the top. I was being lazy. It worked though!

I made the handles out of the pink duck cloth. I have to say, that was fun :-p

Ooooh! It looks like a purse! ....a very flat one...

So. This is where things got hairy. The handles were supposed to be lined up at the bottom of the bag for the two sides to get sewn together.

Umm... nope. I was using a jeans needle, which was getting through the fabric fine, but once I got here, the needle would go in, but then when the needle shaft would go UP, the needle would stay in the fabric. Yep, the fabric was so thick that the needle was getting stuck in it and getting pulled right out of the machine. And yes, like an insane person seeking a different outcome, I tried it several times.

I really wish I had taken a picture of that. I was a little miffed.

BUT - onward and upward, right? I just ripped a little and cut a little, and then used the leftovers from the pink handle fabric to cover the bottom of the bag. As it turns out, I like how it turned out way more than what I planned. It made it look such more finished and more cohesive.

After that, I just boxed the corners and it was ready to turn!

Is it just me or does turning bags right side out make anybody else think about childbirth? You're shoving this big bag through a really small hole, and you're really excited to see how it turned out?

Just me? ok.

Obvs I don't have kids...

And finished! I think she's pretty :-p

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