Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who's going?!?

I worked up the nerve!

I'm pretty stoked about this. And nervous. I'm going alone (as of now), and I've never been to a sewing conference/retreat or anything. I've only taken 2 classes ever. I considered skipping it, but I figured I would really regret it if I did. After seeing all the QuiltCon awesomeness on Instagram and Blogland, I really wished I had been there. So I decided I'm going this time.

I'm hoping to start grad school (again...ugh) in the fall, so as long as there aren't any big conflicts with school, I'll be good to go!

Are you going? Have you been to this kind of thing before?


  1. One day I will be posting this. You'll have a ball, I know what you mean about not really knowing what to expect. I'm super jealous!!!

  2. I'm going, too...and alone as well. :)