Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More English Paper Piecing

I started the second May block of the Skill Builder BOM the other night. This one is also paper pieced, but it's very different from the first one! I've never done paper piecing with these shapes before, so that was fun. Except not really. But it was ok.

I started with this stack. The block is supposed to look like a gemstone when it's finished, so I wanted to get a bunch of different shades, so it would look like it was sparkling.

the beginning of Skill Builder BOM April block #2

I printed the templates and cut them out, then decided how I was going to split up the colors.

the beginning of Skill Builder BOM April block #2

Getting ready to baste.

the beginning of Skill Builder BOM April block #2

I've actually finished both of these blocks, so I'll show them to you soon!


  1. neato! Looking forward to seeing them. I've never done this type of paper piecing work. I'm not so sure I'd be successful, so I'll just keep looking at everyone else's. :D


    1. You should try it! It's much more simple than it looks! This is the first "real" paper piecing I've done, the only other thing was a little flower cluster I got as a free sample, with scraps pre-cut and everything. You'll get addicted!

  2. Love these colors! Bet they look stunning in those blocks ;)