Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stashtastic Sunday - Organizing!

So my stash has been getting out of hand. Not growing too fast, luckily, but just getting messy. And I'm running out of room, if I'm honest.

If you remember from this post, I re-did everything not too long ago. (ok, it was longer ago than I realized...) Here is how everything looked at the last house tour:

I really like the mini-bolts, but I was at the point where things were getting put away two layers deep, and I was forgetting about stuff I had already bought. This is how I ended up with several yards of the same Architextures print. Not that I mind about having more of that, but I do love some variety instead of buying the same things over and over, you know? At least it means my taste is consistent ;-)

I wish I had taken a before picture recently, but I just jumped in one day and started moving things around.

First I took everything off the bolts, and was left with a hefty stack of empties...

Stashtastic Sunday 6.16.13 - organizing!

Then I put everything back all pretty :-)

Stashtastic Sunday 6.16.13 - organizing!

I organize fabric by size of cut, and then by color. The FQs are on the second shelf, and I honestly try not to buy too many of those anymore. They're just gone too fast!

The half yards are on the little shelves to the right, and the 1-2 yard cuts are on the top two shelves. The second and third shelf have collections that I want to keep together instead of organizing by color. There are also a couple stacks that are pulls for projects I haven't started already. I also kept the solids on the mini-bolts because I use the foam board to label the solids with maker and color, since they don't have a printed selvage.

Stashtastic Sunday 6.16.13 - organizing!

Stashtastic Sunday 6.16.13 - organizing!

I like it! We'll see how long it lasts...

P.S. this post makes me think I need to invest in a decent camera (i.e. not an iphone!) sooner rather than later.


  1. I'm drooling over, lol. Lovely!

  2. Your working space is perfectly organized - wish I would have this way!!