Saturday, January 5, 2013

What's in store

So I'm not a big 'resolution-er'. It's too much pressure. Instead, I think of my yearly goals in terms of a to do list. Much more manageable, more methodical I suppose.

So here is my To Do list for 2013. far.

In the sewing room:
Finish my grandfather's quilt
Sister's Ten BOM at Gen X Quilters

Gen X Quilters Sisters' Ten BOM

Skill Builder BOM at Pile O' Fabric

Pile O' Fabric

Finish blue wall hanging
Arkansas traveler quilt
Start my Mom's quilt
Hexie quilt
Stop being a pansy about cutting into hoarded fabric!

In the abode:
Paint the kitchen and cabinets
Paint the living room/dining room
Start the landscaping process... Maybe cut down the ugly tree out front?
Do something pretty to the sunroom... And start living out there a little

This is obviously just a rough list. It will probably change over the course of the year, but the idea is to be productive and learn new skills and all that good stuff.

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