Wednesday, January 30, 2013

X-Plus progress

I'm making good strides on my xplus along quilt. As of tonight I'm about halfway through the top. I decided to stick with my initial instinct about the color scheme when a friend told me it looked like Lily Pulitzer ;-) I used 30+ fabrics and cut everything out before i started piecing, and sorted the blocks out so that there wouldn't be any fabric repeats in the blocks. I used paper plates to keep everything organized. Here are some Instagram pics that I took yesterday!


  1. It looks lovely, and your paper plate method is ingenious!

  2. That is so smart to stack up individual blocks on paper plates! I will have to remember that. :)

  3. Great color scheme & want a clever way to stay organized!

  4. Looks fantastic! I love the paper plate idea but wondering how long it would last around a 4 year old and 18 month old...probably not! :)

    1. Lol I don't have kids, so I can't say! But the good thing about them is that you can stack them up and move them out of reach so the kids don't get your blocks disorganized, so it's a win-win, right? Maybe? :-p