Saturday, August 17, 2013

Studio Spotlight Link-Up!

So I've shown you guys my studio before (soon after I moved into my house a year and a half ago), but since Jennifer at Ellison Lane and Heather at the Sewing Loft have been doing their Studio Spotlight series, I figured now would be a good time to revisit my space!

Studio Spotlight link-up!

Here is the view as you walk in the door. I love being able to see my stash first thing as I come up the stairs! The table is a cheap folding banquet table from Target that I've put up on bed risers I had left over from college. So now the table's now at counter height, which is much better for my back!

There are a couple of WIPs on the floor under the table, and some cubbies for scrappy bits and whatnot.

Studio Spotlight link-up!

My double wedding ring FMQ sampler got hung on the wall, and I honestly think it's the first thing that got hung up after I moved in! The cabinet the TV is on is one I got for free from a friend from school, and there are more drawers behind the doors.

Bridget (my new machine) is sitting on an old kitchen table I moved up here when I got my "real" dining table set. I'd love a drop-in table one day, because 1) the machine bed is a little high for comfort right now, and 2) my quilts are constantly getting caught on the extension table when I'm quilting, which is a pain. Those tables are a pretty big investment though, so that might take a fair amount of planning. I've had a carpenter friend of mine come to see if he could cut out a hole and sort of make this table a drop in, but it would have involved cutting out the front support, since this machine is a front-load bobbin. Oh well.

Studio Spotlight link-up!

To the right of the sewing machine, directly across from the cutting table, is my design wall. (Upon which you can see a sneak peek of my current project!) This thing is seriously the easiest, cheapest, and most valuable addition to any sewing room! I just hung some clear command strips across the wall, and hung up some batting with binder clips. So easy. It seriously took all of ten minutes. And that included measuring and marking a level line on the wall, and cutting the batting to size. I actually just added some more command strips above the closet for when I run out of space on the "main" design wall.

Underneath the design wall I have my scrap bins, organized by color. I'm thinking about reorganizing them by size, though, because I think finding useful pieces might be easier that way. I'll keep you posted if I start playing... On top of the cubbies I've got some jars of selvedges and my pins for basting.

Studio Spotlight link-up!

To the left of the cutting table and stash are my pressing table, notions wall, and my Tears wall quilt. Love it all. (except the orange wall. it came like that.)

I hope you guys enjoyed the little tour! I love my space, and that's a good thing, since I spend so much time there! What are your favorite things about your sewing spaces? What would you like to change?


  1. Have you looked at the Gidget II, for a drop in sewing table? It's a lot less expensive than some of the alternatives I looked into, coming to about $300 with the acrylic drop in to give me a completely flat sewing surface.

    I haven't done any quilting on it yet, just piecing, because I need a table on the side to support the weight of the sandwich. That said, it's been amazing for relieving neck tension and such, with my machine actually being at the right height.

  2. I love the batting on the wall! So clever and easy and (most importantly) pretty!

  3. Beautiful and cozy studio! Definitely a great place to create lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing!

    Amira @

  4. You can SOOO do that table! Just put a hinge in the front arm piece the flip it up everytime you change the bobbin.
    Or, as an alternative, you could buy a piece of plywood cut to the same size as your table top now, cut your hole to fit (without that big plastic thing on the machine) and then but a 1X4 and frame out 3 sides of the plywood, leaving the from open for your bobbin changing then, fom the bottom size of the table pit a few screws in the 1X4 s tol hold them in place. Don't use nails because you'll need to remove the screws to get your machine out the side. And forget about the expensive acrylic topper piece for gaps.,,I just tape down
    A pice a cardstock..,free from lots of food packaging.
    Oh and be sure to sand and round off all four corners of the plywood and apply a several nice thin layers of polyurethane to keep it smoothe...and yes, I'm aware this makes your table TALLER, but now you just only cut the four legs down to match. Very simple....and cheap. I made one but it a whole 4footX8Foot table and I love it! I keepy cutting board on one end and quilt on the other end. And when I do the quilting part, I just take the cutting board off. Try it. You've got a house, so I'm sure you have a few basic tools and skills

  5. Wow, your space is darling! That design wall is fantastic and it looks like you have a monster project under way. Thank you for sharing your sewing space with us on The Studio Spotlight Tour. ~Heather

  6. I am in love with your furniture! That white cabinet and the yellow one can come live with me. :) Thanks for sharing your great creative space with us!

  7. I don't hate the orange at all! :) I heart my little work space. The only thing I would change is adding a enough room for and a long arm machine. :)

  8. I was looking at your pictures thinking how kewl.
    Good ideas!

    Good light, good window usage, great organization, love the design wall,the old fashioned furniture for interest and practicality... then, I saw your Persimmon colored wall and thought, "Finally! Someone who loves dramatic color in their space!"

    LOL, when I read the orange wall came with the room. (doesn't that read funny?) I assume it is not a favorite feature.

    Don't feel trepidation...sometimes, those things we inherit become a favorite. (?).

    Your art quilt is so beautiful, showcased on that "Persimmon" wall. Pops!

  9. Oh, I simply love the ironing table! There's lots more I love in your studio, but that one table....I don't know, but it's my favorite. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space with us.