Saturday, March 29, 2014

Short Stack

Except not. At all. I finally got all of those HSTs made, and here they all are...


My friends, that is 11.5 inches of HST that need to be pressed and trimmed. And trimming HSTs are my least favorite quilting task ever. Which is sad, because I seem to make a lot of HST-based quilts...

Here they are all pressed. May the trimming commence!!

P.S. I have been getting lots of questions about the table! I got it from Beba's Boutique, which is a booth from the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show. I've been looking at their tables for the last couple years, and finally decided to pull the trigger. I've been using it for a couple weeks and love it, and even pulled out the extension table and side slidey-thingy to quilt a baby quilt with a friend of mine a little bit ago. It was amazing - so much space!! And just to be clear, I am in no way affiliated with Beba's, they have no idea I even blog or anything.


  1. That's a whole lot of trimming and pressing! Those stack pictures look so pretty.

  2. Oh my! I hope you plan to do that trimming in shifts! Yikes!

  3. I am impressed so many triangles how many are there or did you just cut and cut and cut some more