Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First finish of 2013?

This quilt is my first official finish of 2013! It was kind of a big one, too. Not really, it is a smallish lap quilt, but my Mom started it for my sister before she died. I tried to finish it for Christmas, but it didn't happen, but I was able to finish it in time for my sister's birthday this past weekend.

My mom pieced the top, basted it, and started quilting it. She didn't get far with the quilting, so I finished that and then bound it. The problem with the quilting (the reason it took me longer than I expected) was because my Mom was using a template to quilt it, which I couldn't find. So I made my own. I traced some of the quilting that she had already done onto template plastic and cut it out with an exacto knife. There were lots of starts and stops. I don't like that. But it was good, a very cathartic experience.

Of course, I didn't take a picture of the finished product before I gave it to my sister, but you get the idea...


  1. Oh my, what a treasure to have to pass on to your sister. I'm sure the both of you will cherish this piece always.

  2. It's beautiful. Congratulations on finishing it for your sister's birthday - I know that was your goal. How very special - I would've loved to see her reaction when you gave it to her.