Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stash organization

In the midst of making the first few x-plus along blocks, I realized that I have no idea most of the time what my fabric 'inventory' is. This is the first truly scrappy quilt I've done, and I wanted to see what I had to work with. Which, of course, led to me reorganizing my stash.

I've seen a couple of tutorials about how to make mini bolts out of foam core, so I gave that a try. I essentially just used an exacto knife to cut them up after measuring and marking how big I wanted them to be. The ones I made are 10x7 I think.

I used the mini bolts to store yardage, and anything less than a yard I folded up. I put everything back on the shelf in color order, so I could see quickly what all I've got to wrk with. (That's when I realized I needed to stock up on yellow. Like a lot. )

The third shelf is collections that I want to keep together, and solids I haven't figured out where to put yet.

The boxes on the lower shelves hold pulls for projects that I'm currently working on, as well as some home dec fabrics.

The whole shebang is really pretty, if I do say so myself... I love being able to see my stash, it gets me really excited to make pretty things :-)


  1. Wow that is super organized. My sewing room is put to shame. Love the idea of mini bolts. Stopping by from Free Motion Quilting.

  2. What a marvelous idea to organize your stash! My stash is in cubby's, tubs, drawers, baggies, etc. etc. And I never can find what I'm looking for. I may be moving soon (hopefully buying a house!) and plan on having a dedicating sewing room. This may be something I have to do to get organized. Plus, I can pick my own size of bolt to fit my cubby wall unit. Thanks! I found you through Leah Day's UFO Sunday post.
    Gypsy Dreamer Quilts

  3. Wow..that is the ultimate in organization. The bolt idea is great. I sooo need to go through my stash. Mine is just stuffed in a huge plastic container and I never can find anything.