Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bedroom is done!

Obvs, my bedroom is done. I'm particularly proud of this project, because not only have I never painted before, I did this all by myself! It was a little intimidating, and there were moments where I wanted to shoot myself in the head, but once it was done, the sense of accomplishment made it worth it. Kind of like going to the gym, you don't really want to, and you're hating life while you're there, but once you're done it feels really good.

Anyway, it took me a couple days, and a claw for a hand by the end, but it's done! With only one little blip... At one point, when I was painting the side of the door molding, I was trying to get up in a little crevice, and ended up unknowingly leaning up against the other molding that I had just painted. I had a stripe of white paint from my shoulder allllllll the way down to my hip. I wish I had taken a picture! Oh well.

All of my furniture and stuff was stashed in the guest room while I was painting, and it was a mess. I don't like messes...

The wall color I used was Behr Silver Screen. It has a little bit of blue undertones, which I love. The trim was just some off the shelf white semi-gloss. One day I'll even hang stuff on the walls. Maybe.

Charlotte digs it :-)

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