Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stash Building

So I've been working on my stash building skills lately. I tend to have a problem buying fabric when I don't have a specific plan for it. Since I understand the importance of having fabric on hand for impromptu projects, and since I do a good percentage of my quilting in the middle of the night when the stores are closed, I've been making an effort to buy a little bit of fabric for a "rainy day".

Here are some of my recent spoils - these are from two of my LQSs, the prints I got just because, and the solids are actually for two projects that are still in the planning stages. I'm not working with patterns, so I'm learning as I go about pattern design.

These are from a new (to me) fabric store I found online, and the prices were so good, I ended up buying 7 yards for the same price 4 would have been at the store. Yay!

So pretty.

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