Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Top done!

I spent yesterday enjoying my second to last day of staycation by finishing the quilt top! It really didn't take me very long, the part that seems to take the longest is pressing, which is NOT my favorite part of this process. But I got all 130 blocks pressed, placed, and pieced.

These blocks...

Became these...

Which got put up on the design wall. I used Kona Steel for the background, and five different Kona reds for the blocks (Red, Rich Red, Lipstick, Poppy, and one more I can't remember...) The whole quilt wouldn't fit on the wall all together, so I placed the top half and then pieced the first few rows so I could move up the blocks and place the last few rows.

You can see in this picture that I marked my rows with little scraps of fabric with numbers written on them in sharpie and pinned to the first block of each row.

 Here it is! Pieced and pressed, all in a couple episodes of Downton Abbey :-)


  1. wow, absolutely beautiful!! i LOVE your colors!

  2. Wonderful photography in this post! There's something about the picture with the numbers... the fabric looks so soft... (Oh, and great design, too!)

  3. I really like this quilt. I've been thinking about what other colors (besides white and off-white) become neutrals. You've got it with this beautiful grey. And I love your five reds.