Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sometimes my blog REALLY earns its name...

I went to do the March blocks of the Sisters Ten BOM last night (you can catch up on January and February too, if you want!). Chaos ensued.

Seriously, it was a comedy of errors.

I cut out all my pieces. So far, so good.

Oh wait, I realized I had cut some of them for 9" blocks instead of 12" blocks. Dangit. Recut.

On to chain piecing HSTs. Nothing new here, I've done this a gazillion times.

But this time my 1/4" foot decided to eat some of my corners. The top layer of fabric was catching on part of the foot. Annoying, but I'll trim these guys up anyway, so no big deal.

Oh crap. I pieced all of the HSTs together WRONG sides together. Rookie mistake - this one actually pissed me off. I must really be on auto pilot!

Commence the ripping and re-piecing.

Oh wait, then I noticed I somehow pieced the selvedge of one print into a block. I have NO idea how I missed this one.

Laying out the block before final piecing - yeah, these colors are not quite right. Re-cutting AGAIN.

Much better. Now lets see if I can put these kids together without incident.

Apparently not. See that upper left corner? More ripping.

Sigh of relief. They're both done, and somehow I didn't tear my hair out or throw anything. Somehow.

Next time I promise I'll pay better attention. Maybe.


  1. Hi Megan--Somedays go that way...I canNOT tell you how many times I have done weird things with those pesky HST's--they have it in for me for sure. (See my post on RSC13!! I sewed and re-sewed and re-cut a ga-zillion times!!Ack). But, you kept on --good for you and it turned out just beautifully...Julierose (the zaney quilter)

  2. Human error is sometimes unavoidable. I had to unpick a waistband yesterday because I sewed it on on the inside of the skirt. Oops.
    I like the way the colours pop against your background colour. Love the oranges.

  3. somedays it just feels like every stitch we sew is mocking us ;-) I had a day like that last week... Your results are wonderful.

  4. Some days my stitch ripper is my BFF. I can completely relate to your post :) Your blocks are great. Love the color choices.

  5. LOL, wonderfully funny post. I have been quilting for almost 25 years and still end up with a very similar process at times. Thanks for sharing - they are wonderful blocks.

  6. Wow. You frog-sew like I do! Rippit! Rippit! LOL

    Love the title of your blog - it should have been mine. I've come to the conclusion that on every single project, I will screw it up initially and then get it right maybe the 3rd or 4th time. Once I learned to accept this fact, I started to have fun!

    Adding you to my favorites to follow. Nice to meet you!

    1. thanks so much for coming by! I seem to screw up more often than not, but its all learning, right?