Friday, March 22, 2013

Quilt Factory.... except not really.

*If you're visiting from Finish it Up Friday, this post is more about me finishing with being lazy than finishing an actual project. If you want a REAL finish, check this out, which didn't make it under the wire for last week's link up!

I was off for a few days and I got trucking with Honey Honey. Last time I checked in, I had cut all the fabric for the quilt. At once.

Yeah. I had to put this one aside for a day or two after that. But then I got excited again. :-)

I'm re-instituting the plate method for this one. It makes it really easy to sort things out, especially when working on a bunch of blocks at once.

Chain piecing like a boss. Be jealous. (of all the little ear trimming... not so much...)


  1. This method with paper plates is ingenious, better than keeping things in plastic bags; I hope to remember it next time when I need it.
    That hexagon print of Kate Spain is beautiful. I have to buy it!

  2. Looks like you are making progress!

  3. "Chain peicing like a BOSS" Should be on a tee shirt! Too cute!

  4. Love the paper plate idea - I am going to use that the next time I have a big project. Love your fabric choices as well - very fun and springy! Thanks for the plate inspiration!

  5. Great idea with the plates. Somehow a stack of them sneaked into my sewing room. Maybe they were just lying in wait until I was inspired how best to use them.

    Cheers, K

  6. Chain piecing like a boss cracked me up. Beautiful fabrics! Can't wait to see what they turn into!

  7. I love your work area and I think your process techniques are wonderful:)